TO RESCUE you from the rip tide that is known as “Social Media Marketing”

TO RELIEVE  the stress of seeing thousands of emails/messages/tweets in your INBOX

TO RESTORE  your confidence and empower your online presence


Why we got into Social Media Marketing

Doubtless you’ve heard the saying, “Your loss is my gain.”

(We don’t mind if you use it now!)

ONCE UPON A TIME, Sandi Bohle a lighting designer with degrees from USC and Cal Arts lived in New York.  Sandi worked at West Point for several years. She also, during her life in New York, contracted Chronic Lyme disease. (This still ticks us off ;) ) So, she can no longer haul around 60 lbs. of cable and hang lights. :P   She needs to heal and moves back to S.Cal.  While working on a Facebook centered event for the “Awesome Women’s Hub”, Sandi re-meets a fellow alumna of USC, Christina Rideout. (insert fanfare flourish here).

Christina is an actress by trade and training, (oh no… one of “those” people… wait it gets worse:) and an ordained Laying on of Hands Energy Medicine Healer!  They fall in together like a thick of thieves! (Not that they consider themselves to be ‘thick’ nor are they inclined to thievery.)

Meanwhile, Christina, in an effort to figure out how to succeed with on-line marketing for her “Tease” shirt company, happened upon Kate Buck Jr.’s “Let’s Get Social” training for Social Media Marketing Managers. She was, alas, repeatedly overwhelmed by the daunting task of “figuring it all out.” No fault of Kate’s. Her training is Top Notch! But there are a lot of moving parts…and there was no one “at hand” to help her figure out how to master the weaving of the Social Media Web.

Enter Sandi, in search of a new life and…

POW! SHAZAAM! (add smoke and lightning effects here:) Actress/Healer and Lighting Designer/Lymie join forces.  It was, alas, “too late” for the Tease shirt company.  But the death of that company left a great deal of room for a new one…. One that could support Sandi and one that could help Christina support her family, too. Together they embarked on the journey and worked their way through “Let’s Get Social” and another of Kate Buck Jr.s trainings. They began to build web sites and weave their way through the complexities of understanding Social Media Marketing on the Web.

“From the ashes of these women’s broken dreams a new partnership arises and so, Web SociaLights is born!” A Double Blessing, to be sure. A triple Blessing, if you allow us to be of service to you. Imagine how far those Blessings can grow across the World Wide Web as we work/play together.


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